When the dream becomes impossible, find a new way to dream


Back to the drawing board.

Sometimes the aspiration of making a living being a musician is like a glass ballon.Finding time, funds and resources to record, film and tour are complex issues and they are unwelcome in my artistic vocabulary but I have learned to appreciate and respect them.

It’s so easy to allow the needle prick of disappointment to puncture your dream.There are so many dead ends, barbed wire fences, cut-throat defenses and invisible enemies that wait in the shadows.

But I am learning to defy those concrete walls. I search for the answers to keep breathing life into what I love. Whether those answers be a pneumatic drill, trampoline, rope or a ladder to climb those walls I will find a way. I have no choice.

Music is my language and my sustenance.I know I can’t let it drop like a stone never to be seen in the deep ocean of social convention. It is a candle flame that I must keep alight lest it extinguish my spirt.

As artists we must always work with restrictions and limitations that’s often what drives us to be ingenious and more creative.

Today was a day at the drawing board and my paper is pregnant with new hope and plans.


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